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jsis engineering pty ltd
jsis engineering pty ltd
jsis engineering pty ltd onsite maintenance

Professional onsite maintenance in Mackay

When it comes to the provision of onsite maintenance, repairs, and heavy equipment installations, there is only one name that you need to remember. The team here at JSIS Engineering Pty Ltd have access to the diverse disciplines and skills that are required for just those types of projects.

Our expert engineers and onsite maintenance specialists can deal with all types of heavy industrial installations pertaining to a wide range of industrial environments. From quarrying and mining to bulk material handling and pipe work, our team is familiar with them all.

Our onsite maintenance services include:

  • Mechanical installation and repair onsite
  • Prep plant maintenance
  • Washplant maintenance audits
  • Washplant industrial tiling
  • Cyclone and equipment refurbishment and repairs
  • Pipeline design, supply and installation
  • Polyethylene pipe and fittings
  • Polyethylene UHMWPE installation
  • Polyurethane spraying
  • Fras conveyor belt repair kits
  • Industrial hose and fittings
  • Conveyor belt rectifier (hydrotracker)

Call our onsite maintenance specialists now in Mackay on 07 4957 2799 .

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