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jsis engineering pty ltd
jsis engineering pty ltd
jsis engineering polyurethane products and fabrication

Quality polyurethane products

Our skilled and innovative team can supply and produce a huge range of polyurethane products for diverse industries including but not limited to above and underground mining, sugar and marine.

From industries and underground mining to marine and machinery applications, polyurethane products provide workable solutions. Our team can also fabricate custom components in polyurethane to your specific requirements. Thanks to its inherent flexibility and durability, polyurethane can even be used to replace certain metal components with the added benefit of being totally immune to the corrosive effects of water.

Polyurethane products provide workable solutions for a variety of applications.  Our team can fabricate customised components to suit a client’s specific requirements and environment.  Thanks to its inherent flexibility and durability, polyurethane can even be used to replace certain metal components, providing added corrosive benefits across a broad range of chemicals due to its high chemical resistance.

Being less static than metal, Polyurethane is a widely chosen solution for many underground mining applications.  To further reduce the potential for static in polyurethane products, a FRAS (Fire Retardant & Anti-Static), (Fire Resistant & Anti-Static) additive can be included during the manufacturing process.  JSIS Engineering is well known for our FRAS rated polyurethane products and have the ability to manufacture products using FRAS requirements set by our clients or the individual state standards nominated at the time of order.  

Our polyurethane products:

  • Relagging of pulleys and rollers
  • Sister and tunnel rollers
  • Wing extensions and hungry boards
  • Bumpers
  • Bumper mounts and shock bushes
  • Shearer clearers
  • Dipper safety door stops
  • Conveyor belt scrapers
  • Power caps and tape weights
  • Reducer inserts
  • Screening and decking systems
  • Load bearing and wear pads
  • Workshop floor protectors
  • Agitator fin refurbishments
  • Stator pump refurbishment
  • Epoxy insulators
  • Polyurethane component segments
  • Cable lifters
  • Cable crossovers
  • Drill steel holders

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